About This Drawing

This drawing has two forms of hotspots. First all the text on layer LOTNUM was turned into simple hotspots. In these the Lot Numbers are displayed when the cursor hovers over the text.

The second form is based on the block inserts “APN”. These inserts have atributes associated with them that are used to define the contents for the tooltip that is displayed when the mouse hovers over the block symbol. The title is set to the Attribute “#” and the APN Number is read from the Attribute “APN#". The tooltip displays a zoom in view of the main image.

There are actually two images used. A low resolution version is used for the main image with the hotspots, while a much larger (in this case 10x) version is used to provide the “zoomed in” views. The same bitmap is used for all zoomed in views with the appropriate HTML commands to crop the image.

Navajo Country Plot Plan: 20421-02