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Create Hotspots in DWG and DGN Drawings using Tailor Made Software CAD Converters

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Hotspots in Drawings

HotSpots can be created from any text, blocks or polylines in a AutoCAD DWG or DXF or a MicroStation DGN file that can be identified to be significant in some way.

For instance, text on a given layer(s) or even text that is inside a balloon that is on a given layer(s).

Tailor Made Software‘s CAD conversion engine AutoXchange 2020 and CAD extraction tool LinkList 2020 can be used to extract this specific information with their location from CAD drawings and convert them into images and image-maps that can directly be used in web pages.

Bitmap or Vector based

To determine what type of output you need for your hotspots, start by reading our resource Which Format Is Best. Then follow-up with our AutoXchange 2020 Technical Documentation on Linking Objects in Drawings, and read how to Generate HotSpots.

Intelligent Hotspots can also be done using our CADViewer product.

Hotspot Samples

Try out our DWG Hotspot Samples:

Navajo Country Plot Plan
Minneapolis Skyway
Office Floor Plan
Vehicle Assembly Manual

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Please send us an e-mail or Contact us to initiate a discussion about your specific requirements, so we can help you use AutoXchange 2020 and LinkList 2020 and/or CADViewer with your application for Hotspot functionality.

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